Cane Walking

I spent about two hours with one of my best friends on Saturday. She lives in another state and I do not see her very often.

The reason she came home was due to some health matters, problems a doctor can treat along with changes in diet and exercise. But that’s not what this is about.

We sat outside on sunny 55 degree day talking life and catching up. As we are talking, she discovered that this occurrence in her life has presented an opportunity. She told me that she thought about the direction of her life, she wants to move home, find work and go back to school to become a physical therapist. She is experimenting with making changes in her life. Changes were when she puts her mind to it, she will be able to accomplish because she has the desire to do so.

I sat there and didn’t say much and I said to myself, she found life. Through a problem, she was able to discover opportunity. There’s going hard work, physical pain and many doctors visits but that is only in the now and that will come to pass. With my friend sharing this part of her life with me, it got me thinking and realized what I am good at.

But this blog isn’t about me, it was watching my friends imaginary light bulb go off over her head.

How many times do we miss an opportunity? We are caught up in so many other things we lack vision and clarity. Life presents opportunities everyday but fear tends to hold us back. Be like my friend and use a bad situation to find out how strong you really are.

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