My Valentine’s Day Reflection

This week, I’ve felt many different emotions. On Monday, a family member was diagnosed with cancer. On Tuesday, friends and I attended Martin Broduer’s retirement jersey festivities and game. On hump day, I went surfin’ and felt “Good Vibrations” at the Beach Boys concert in Morristown. This past Thursday I played in my poker league, saw Deadpool and laughed. My Friday after work was spent working out at the gym and then to a bar for a drink. Saturday was a day for the gym, errands and saw friends that I do not get to see often.

Then came February 14th and Ghostbusters 2 was wrong, the world didn’t end on Valentine’s Day. I slept until I woke up, HA HA HA!!. I was single on Valentine’s Day and I’m okay with that, in fact I love that because I was able to attend an event I wanted to see. I had to travel alone to New York City and walk to the theater myself and I was okay with that. I decided to attend an event called “Evolving Out Loud.”

I was about two hours early, so I went inside the box office to get warm and Kyle Cease walks in. Kyle Cease is a keynote speaker, transforming audiences through his unique blend of comedy and transformation. I wanted to say something but tend to be shy, which is bad for my love life. I really wanted to approach him and say something, but was a bit hesitant. Then I finally decided to go outside and called out to him. He turned around, and we talked for a few minutes. We took today’s modern form of an autograph — a selfie! I walked around for a bit and then went to the bar before the show to have a drink. This event was something I was interested in after my trainer suggested that I watch Kyle video “You’re Only Manipulating Yourself.”

After 10 minutes on stage, I definitely felt this connection between Kyle and his audience. The audience was not just learning but was witnessing Kyle working on his craft. It’s like we were being transformed and evolved together. I believe Kyle’s approach of adding humor to his transformational message is what helps people get out of their own way. His speeches where not even planned and yet he was able to connect with all of us within the first few minutes of his talk. We were all clapping, laughing and getting emotional. He intensely interacted with his audience. Each person learned something about themselves. I myself have learned a multitude of concepts about myself tonight. I went to the city by myself to see a show, interacted with others around me, and I’m okay with letting go of control. I’m okay with not knowing and I love it! There were all different emotions going on as I watched the reactions of people, and it was hitting home. To reach a goal, you need to surround yourself with those who are smarter than you as they push you to achieve who you really are.

Most of us get caught up in social media, people’s perception of us. Sometimes, our ego gets in the way and we ultimately stop listening to ourselves. The notion of happiness is that it is a choice. We can choose to happy with who we are and when we find our gifts, we will be able to present those gifts to others. But we won’t find these gifts until we learn to let go with maybe not knowing what they are. Some know their gifts and make the world a better place in many different areas of life. We have to create our own lives, we only have one. Sometimes we feel like ping pong balls but let’s adapt. Some of this is what Kyle mentioned and as I talk about my experience, more of my ideas kept popping up. I wanted to start writing as soon as I got home. My head is like a tornado, and my fingers are typing really, really, really fast.

I didn’t stopped smiling for the rest of the night. I see the vision of my life and how to get there, I do not know yet, and I love that. I know I’m smart, funny and have a desire to help others, and with that desire I will achieve my dreams. Never let someone tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams.