Raise Your Hand IF….

is a factor in your life. As I’ve written about being unemployed and trying to find out what my meaning is, I’ve turned to social media for help, insight and how to get more out of life.

Today, I received a notice from the NY Department of Labor that my unemployment benefits were denied because of my severance package I received. Understandably so and I had to file again. I ran into an issue and had to call the office to fix a problem. The representative was very helpful and corrected the issue quickly. Then I began to stress.

This meant my benefits would take longer to be received, so I am budgeting myself on everything. I’ve applied to jobs, spoke to recruiters and even signed up for Uber and Lyft. When I start getting stressed and I cannot think straight. I walk away for a minute, breathe and realize I am moving forward and working on the right things in my life. I am going to create a great result.

Among other things, I had to run errands this morning because a bill was due and I had to submit a receipt. This was more time taken out of the day for me to get stuff done. However, it is a beautiful day and was able to spend time outside. I’m in a stressful situation but have to remain positive to create a positive energy flow to keep moving.

That what life is about, keep moving. I’ve had many positive results from my mindset. If you allow stress and anxiety into your life, it will take you longer to get where you want to be. Onward!

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