That Same Conversation…

I missed my bus this morning, well I didn’t actually miss it totally just got on another one and transferred. I pulled in the parking lot at 6:14 this morning and my bus leaves at 6:13. As I got out of my car, it pulled away but the good news is there was another bus going to the same spot so I could transfer but that bus was pulling out to. So, I ran and asked the bus driver for a transfer, a few minutes later, I was on my bus.

I love my mom and I hope everyone does to. We all have different outlooks and opinions on life. So, we talked about a job interview I have on Monday and she’s like I don’t know if it’s really worth it and you don’t have the experience. When you speak to someone who does not know the details, I believe they just like to hear themselves talk. Parents, on the other hand will give you their opinion but then say “you’re smart, you know what you are doing.” My career goal is two fold. One is to get out of working in NYC and back into New Jersey while I create my new lifestyle which is going to take time but I need the commuting hours back and some change of scenery. I am not ready yet to jump into my ideas 100%. I’ve implemented some ideas but not ready yet. Although, I know you are never ready, it’s just a feeling. Entrepreneurship is many things, challenging, not easy, rewarding and provides self-realization. The markets are ever changing, jobs move overseas, people are fired or laid off and other reasons why having a 9–5 can be a bad idea. I said can be, I did not say it is. There are people who enjoy it but I have my goals set on something else.

I want to move out of my house and have my own place but I have to create and have many income streams which are being developed as I write this. My mom wants me to move out and start a family. I’m not there yet and trust me I know she wants what is best for me. Again, she has a different point of view and has been at the same job all her life, not a bad thing. This job provided a life for us. There is something more to my life that I am suppose to fulfilling. I don’t know why I do what I do but believe that if my gut feeling says not to do something, I won’t do it. All the effort, time and money invested into my ideas my heart has always said go and my brain says to protect myself but doesn’t quite say no. And I love that feeling, that inner conflict helps me to choose what I spend my energy on.

So, it was a reverse debate this morning which is why I missed my initial bus. I need to have multiple sources of income to start saving, investing and achieving a healthy lifestyle. I do not ever want to owe people money, I want to buy my next car, house, piece of tech with cash. I am focused on making a lifestyle for myself and adapt to change as it goes along. Business needs change and some are even disrupted, look at Uber, Airbnb, Tesla and other industries. I need to adapt for my life and disrupt it. If there is no value in something it is time to let go.

My mom and I both realized at the end of the conversation we want the same thing, just not in that order. I know what I want is challenging and not easy but life isn’t suppose consistent and stay the same.

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