Behind every great idea, there is a story. This is my story of how I developed my business idea.

One day in January 2013, I was let go from my job due to budget cuts. I was not expecting it because my former employer told me that they were going to have me train and learn new skills. I did not see it coming, which brings up one good point. The only thing in life about change is well there’s always going to be change. Life is about progression. Anyway moving on.

I was living in a condo for a year, spending countless hours job searching, tweaking the resume and cover letters and trying to figure out how to stay out of the black hole of resumeland. I learned how to use LinkedIn and read such books as “What Color is Your Parachute?” by Richard N. Bolles, and “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk. I was asked later in the year to help a friend with her LinkedIn and resume. I enjoyed the work I did. I decided the last quarter of 2013, I was going to develop and start my own business. In 2014, I registered with the state to get my tax ID and got to work.

I studied resume, cover letter and various online skills to look and find jobs and learning how to use social media to look for them as well. It is combination of attention seeking and trying to stick out from everyone else.

This lead me to another idea, how to help small businesses and entrepreneurs learn the various types of social media. So I incorporated my skills and added social media marketing and consultation to my business plan.

As I planned and planned and made sure everything was 100% right before I marketed my idea, the bank account drained and the stress grew. In May of 2014, I started to get nervous and spending more time looking for work. Which for me was a bad idea anyway because I don’t want a job, I want a career but desperate times can play havoc on your mind. At this point, I was my mind was all over the place, lost focus and felt pretty down on myself. So, my business took a back seat.

When I started working in July 2014, I was grateful for the job. It required me to commute every day to Lower Manhattan from North Jersey. The job became old fast. I spent split time on my business ideas and job hunting. Again, we deciding what you want to do you have to pick something and go for it. I spent a lot of lunch hours prepping various ideas for services. And I’m finally ready to go!!! In addition, to my business there fields that I want to work in that this will allow access into. I’m using these ideas to create a life for me. I do not want to work to live, I want to live my work.

In closing, take a look at yourself and realize what is important to you. Yes, money, benefits, retirement, etc are all important but we only live once so why not go after something you value and love? You can make time to figure out whether you can do something you love to make money or realize what value the job you have is creating for you. If you’re stuck like me and something provides very little value, it may be time to find something else, develop something else and eventually move on to something else.

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