Becoming the change.

Yes we have ignored you.

So busy doing your work we got so busy forgetting that this is all for you.

Arms wide to our hopeful saviour.

But arms crossed to our homeless neighbor.

On Bended Knee.

Set Us Free. Unite Us All.

-KB (O God Forgive Us)

LET ME BE A VESSEL. Let the NEGAITIVITY that is keeping you as a CHRISTIAN OR NON-BELIEVER be set free. I am TIRED of hearing that we can’t do it. We can’t make it through. SPARK THE CHANGE. Let my work pour onto the world glorifying only one name. LET EVERY BREATH I TAKE, ONLY BREATHE YOUR NAME. As Christians, we need to stop saying “This won’t work” too “IT CAN WORK”. I’ve brought 5 people to Christ this year, by explaining God’s merciful GRACE and HOW HE CHANGES THE STORY. His love should be through everything we do.

Teens: What do we struggle with? Lust.

Adults: What are you struggling with? Jobs. Family problems.

Here’s an idea: Lift up your struggles! It says it straight in scripture. Psalm 121 says: “I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?” It comes from God. CHRISTIANS: Take the steps to be the light you want to be towards the hurting. God has called us to be his messengers. Are we doing it rightly for Him? Challenge yourself this week.

Not a believer? It’s okay. We are all messy people. This may have been the biggest waste of 2 minutes you’ve had in your day. Maybe, though, it’s the spark of finding God in a way you didn’t expect.

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