When you add the experience of playing for a team with a poor record, impatient fans with uneasy expectations, a coach losing his job and a new coach taking over, you wonder if Paddy has had a time to just breathe and enjoy himself.

Such is the reality of playing footy for one of the competitions biggest clubs historically.

Nevertheless, there’s undoubtedly something within Paddy’s character that you can sense tells you he will be a special player. It’s as if he enjoys the challenge and understands right where he needs to be in order to succeed.

“I started to play a bit more forward this year to learn that role. I feel like that will be good for me in the long run. I’ve loved it.” …

This is a recap of my 11th month in Israel.

Truth be told, I didn’t feel like writing anything in the past few weeks.

Like I said from the outset of this series, if I was going to do it, I needed to keep it real.

The last few weeks have seemed like walking through sand.

I’ve struggled to keep my emotions in check, making decisions that are coming from the wrong place without enough thought.

Emotional intelligence is definitely one of, if not my next challenge on my journey.

I can’t really pinpoint a moment when things started feeling tough, I just seem to find myself reflecting and not feeling in control of me. …

Footy in Israel

Every little reminder of Australia is welcomed for me.

I do miss Melbourne, and often talk about it’s incredible reality to people who ask where I come from.

So when I discovered that a group of footy enthusiasts were getting together for footy training, I couldn’t have been any more ready to take part.

The story of the Jersualem Peace Lions goes like this:

Back in 2008, a group of Aussies formed the team as a vehicle to allow for better relations between Jews and Arabs.

The team would train in Jerusalem, and compete at the AFL International Competition, held once a year. …

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