Thomas DelVecchio
May 19, 2016 · 2 min read

Interesting Shared Account Correlations: VMware vs Docker -&- Palo Alto vs FireEye

Possibly the most instantly powerful tool we produce is the SAM (shared accounts model). Within the SAM one can look at respondents that cited a vendor a particular way and see how those same respondents cited that vendor’s competitors, as well as see if there’s a trend between the vendors over time in these shared accounts.

We want to highlight two striking shared account correlations; VMware vs. Docker and Palo Alto Networks vs FireEye. In short, those spending on Docker are spending less on VMware and this becomes more and most true the bigger the respondent cut or shared accounts (i.e. big ELA accounts). Palo Alto Networks continues to take spend from FireEye in shared accounts and this year the respondent subset that stands out most is the MSE/SMB space — historically FireEye’s base.

Click Here to Download the VMware vs. Docker PDF Click Here to Download the Palo Alto Networks vs FireEye PDF

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