The Nerve of that Guy: How Bernie Sanders Apparently Destroyed Democracy by Forcing it to Occur.

So in light of the Recent Hillary Sweep of the March 15th primary, #Feelthebern is starting to lose faith and retreat back to their fair trade corners. We’re still getting the same blog posts and articles popping up like “HE CAN STILL WIN BECAUSE REASONS!” but ultimately its not looking good.

Now please don’t take my Snark for Bernie-hate. I am a Bernie Fan, and this is mostly about how no matter what I will respect the hell out of Bernie and everything he’s done, tried to do, and will continue to do during this election.

For starters, lets take a journey back to a simpler time, Spring of 2015, when John Stewart was still waging his War on Bull S*** and the Republicans were just starting to line up their clown car of delegates. Despite what appeared to be an endless supply of Republican Candidates , things were quiet in Blue Donkey-Land. No one was surprised by that, it wasn’t exactly a secret that Hillary Clinton had spent the previous 8 years selling her soul to anyone that would buy it for an easy walk to the presidency. Like her or hate her, you’d be hard pressed to argue with the fact that everyone on both sides of the establishment were confident this would be an inevitability. The DNC was not really in the mood for this to be contested because of something so trivial as “democracy” or “pubic opinion.” Sure, a few hopefuls would step up to put on a show, but without the funding, name recognition or support, the best they could really hope for was a VP or cabinet offer.

Then Bernie Sanders went and screwed it all up.

When Sanders first showed up on the radar at the end of April, he got the same “who?” that most of the non-Bush/Clinton/Fox News Pets got when they announced. This guy looked and sounded like every Jewish Grandpa in every movie that’s ever had a Jewish Grandpa character. What?

Then we find out who he is. A member of the democratic socialist party who, despite being a member of the democratic socialist party has been in congress for over 20 years. And he was anti-wall street, pro-environment, pro-education, pro-healthcare. And he was that ONE GUY who voted against the Iraq war. WHAT!

At this point a crazy thing happened. A thing Hillary and the DNC did not anticipate or want. They had to have a primary! Hillary not only had to eat Chipolte on the 6 oclock news to reassure people she is a real human, but she actually had to campaign. And answer questions. And talk about the issues people wanted to hear about. Because all those people who had resigned to an apathetic “I guess I’ll vote for Hillary” suddenly had an other option. They’re opinion suddenly mattered again! Even if he’s an underdog, even if the Establishment is doing everything they can to ignore him or make him look like a crazy fringe candidate, he’s still here! democracy, while maybe a bit roughed up, is still alive!

Fast Forward to today. Things may be starting to look Grim for Sanders, but ultimately, I think we’ll be okay. There will always be a winner and a loser, that’s how these things work. What’s important is that we did not allow our rights to the democratic process to be taken from us without a fight. And I also think a lot of us were made more aware of how the government and election process works. I’ll admit, I did not really know what a Caucus or a super delegate was until this election, despite being pretty informed in previous elections. At lot of scandal and corruption has come to light, and the very foundation of the establishment has been shaken. And that okay! An Establishment that can’t handle opposition needs to adapt or it will be destroyed! And if something as simple as a democratic primary with actual candidates who have actual supporters are seen as a threat to the party, I think we have work to do.

What’s important for all of us who try to be educated and see through the BS of life, is to not give up! Speak out about what you believe in! Pay attention to local and congressional elections! Organize! Stay informed. Sanders did a great thing for the Democratic Party, don’t let it go to waste if he loses!