Trump’s America: That Time Sexual Assault Wasn’t a“Real Issue.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no wifi for the last two year, you are aware of the “Trump Tapes” and the flushing toilet that has become American politics. In case you are a newly emerged rock dweller and this is the first corner of the internet you managed to stumble upon (welcome) here is a quick recap of the 2016 election.

First, the Republicans were so busy fighting over their clown car worth of Primary candidates they forgot to keep an eye on the lowest common denominator and they ended up with Donald Trump as their Nominee. Meanwhile on the other side Clinton somehow managed to talk (scare?) almost everyone of significance in the DNC out of running against her and crushed her only significant rival under a pile of money and DNC favor.

Rock, meet bottom.

Or so we though.

Fast forward to last week, and the video that surfaced of Donald Trump and Billy Bush sounding like they’re making a PSA video for a high school sex ed class entitled “how not to speak or talk about women, Ever.” In said video, our villains brag and laugh about sexual assault, and make degrading comments about a women literally standing 10 feet away from them. The bonus feature of this video is the growing number of women who have, over the years, accused Trump of doing exactly what he is claiming to do in the video. Sexual Assault.

After, Trump offered just about the saddest attempt at an apology in the history of deplorable man-babies, taking about ten seconds to apologies not to the women he degraded, (even if we pretend for a minute he didn’t do the things he claimed to have done) but essentially reading a statement saying he’s sorry he got caught. Then he scolds the media and the public for our reaction, saying we shouldn’t be so sensitive to “talk” and instead turn our attention back to “the real issues.” An ironic statement, from the person who has managed to get to less than a month from the election without a single concrete plan or platform for foreign or domestic policy, besides a tax plan that even the most conservative analysis says would be a disaster. But yes, shame on the media for covering your admitted sexual assault, rather than the “real issues.”

Except here’s the thing, these are the real issues.

Because what we have is a potential “leader” who feels its okay to degrade and sexually assault women, insult and demonize minorities, and push a false narrative that this country was better off before said women and minorities had rights. He has pushed the idea that questioning that narrative is somehow a distraction that makes you part of the problem. He normalizes the idea of all men doing and saying terrible things behind closed doors. He degrades those who hold themselves and others to a higher standard, as if they are somehow the problem. He is a leader who thinks questioning the supremacy and authority of the straight, white, christian male means we are the enemy of this possible Utopia where everyone knows their place. The real America, the one our for-fathers intended, would be better off without them.

If you think that is an exaggeration or liberal, PC paranoia, take a step back.

Why does Trump always talk about African Americans like they are a Homogenous group that only lives in inner cities? Why does he talk about them like he is the only hope for those poor people that just can’t seem to get it together on their own, but whenever pressed for what he will do to help all he can talk about is “Law and Order,” as if what they really need is adult supervision? He doesn’t mention the millions of minorities who don’t live in inner cities and have never seen a gun or a jail cell, or the Implicit Bias or Systemic racism. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

His answer for helping victims of Islamaphobia is “why aren’t you stopping terrorists?” As if its perfectly acceptable to abuse a Muslim child in Ohio because they didn’t help stop a terrorist attack in California. Because again, they are a homogenous group one step away from violence without adult supervision. He ignores questions about what do we do about terrorists born in this country, because the idea that walling ourselves off from the rest of the world wont save us from everything wont fit the narrative.

His big plan for jobs is bringing back dying industries like coal that will never be competitive in the modern world, rather then looking for industries or innovations, because he has to be the champion of the good old days, not reality. Despite countless business owners stepping out to say that Trump took advantage of them, refused to pay them and tried to destroy them, he claims he cares about working people.

And finally, despite laughable statements like “no on respects women more than me” He has never apologized to any of the women he even admitted to hurting, and he answers the countless allegations of sexual assault that have been coming at him for decades with personal insults and counter suits. He leads his followers in jokes at the expensive of people’s appearance and statements, and sees nothing wrong with treating women like his play-things. He puts a man who was fired for sexual harassment from Fox News in charge of his staff, a pretty clear statement of what he thinks about women who stand up for themselves.

If Trump becomes president, all of these things will be justified and that will be our country.

As a teacher, I will then be tasked with explaining to young boys they cannot grab a girls breast just because they feel like it, even though the president says it is okay. It will be my job to tell kids that it is completely unacceptable to refer to Arabic as “terrorist language” or Muslims as “terrorists” despite what the president says. I will have to figure out how to teach girls that they are valued and intelligent and their voice matters, despite what the president says. I will have to try and convince my immigrant students that they have as much right to be here as anyone else, that their lives matter. How do I teach kids that its not okay to bully or steal or cheat when their parents elected a man who says doing that makes you smart? How do I teach kids to value themselves and each other if Trump is president? What will a generation raised with a Trump president look like?

So yes, Trump’s statements are the real issues, and I am terrified to live in an America where they are not.

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