Achieving the Dream

Divining my purpose

I have a multi-purpose driven goal in starting to write my story. My dream is to start a successful company (well, at least one of my dreams) and starting to record the journey is a part of that. I want to write down my thoughts, goals, and ideas in an attempt to possibly provide some guidance, insight, interest, and information for others. So, welcome to the first in my series to what I am (as of right now) calling “Achieving the Dream”.

The purpose of my company is to make people’s lives better, even if just a little bit. To do so, I want to use targeted advertising that rewards people for taking healthy actions and making positive changes in their lives. This is still a little too broad a purpose statement and I can whittle it down just a little bit further for my initial target market. Initially, I want to get personal trainers (motivators) and their clients (achievers) to join a platform that will spur those clients to work harder and be healthier than ever before.

This is just a starting point for me, but I will need to get out and interview a broad range of personal trainers, clients, and advertisers to be able to provide the best value to each one of them. I am sure that there will be many challenges that I will not foresee and others where I will overthink situations. But I want to ensure that whatever I do the purpose of making lives better stays as the guiding light.

Enlightening my background

So, why do I have a passion to make people act just a little bit healthier? Because I have been able to do it myself, but only after many false starts.

As a kid I was overweight (truthfully, I was obese but it was a term I hated using as it just seemed so harsh). This lead to me being teased a bit (of course, which kid isn’t teased), and it hurt my self-esteem and confidence. I would try to lose weight but it was very hard to stick with a healthier lifestyle that I had to put so much effort into with only very long-term rewards. Eventually though, I succeeded at altering my lifestyle to be much more active and energized. I’m happy to say that I remain a fit and active person with a much higher focus on my health (though I admit that I drink too much).

None of my transformation happened overnight and I don’t delude myself into thinking that it will for anyone else. But I believe and will strive to prove that everybody is an achiever. Anyone is capable of taking control of their life and making the changes that help them to be happier, healthier, and more productive. Hence, following through on my goal of starting a purpose-driven company quitting a well-paying job in the process.

It’s a (somewhat) new idea and with the help of anyone that participates with my company or gets involved with my writing, I hope that we can push back against heart disease, obesity, cancer, and all types of maladies together. I want people to achieve their dreams (and help me to achieve mine).

This is my first step, but it most certainly won’t be my last. I will try to publish something weekly about my progress and will push for the future. I hope that some will share my journey and maybe get something out of it along the way. Thanks for taking the time to read my first step and check back with me again as I continue to publish my journey and my future self launches a company and product.

Keep the dream alive.