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  • Philip James

    Philip James

    Philip primarily writes code. In his spare time, he writes novels, makes twitter bots, and gives technical talks. He used to run a webcomic.

  • Jim Ausman

    Jim Ausman

    Busy raising two beautiful and brilliant daughters. #BlackLivesMatter

  • Andy Wilson

    Andy Wilson

    Software developer/architect/arduino hacker/person who makes software work together since 1996.

  • Eduardo Samaniego

    Eduardo Samaniego

    Public Speaker, Child/Student Advocate. Follow me on Twitter: @EddyComunica

  • Dennis Nestor Jr

    Dennis Nestor Jr

    I like Beer and Building Stuff.

  • Mathilde Mouw-Rao

    Mathilde Mouw-Rao

    Artist, Software Engineer & Singer-Songwriter

  • Steen


    “Although it is widely attributed to him, there is little historical evidence to suggest that Steen Comer wrote this sentence.”

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