We Did Something in Akron and got shafted for it

It is now Tuesday, July 1st, 2014.

From: Andrew Buczko <>
To: SH Members <>
Mar 11
I'd like to resolve this issue by having Torie (Trevor Fisher) put on suspension from SynHak (this will include SynHak's mailing lists and any other service) for a giving amount of time.

I feel that she needs time to cool off for 3 months, 6 months a year? I'll leave the time period up to the champions. Or at least until her sex change is done (since it has been brought up to me that this "behavior" of her's is due to her taking hormones. ) <-- not mentioned before since it's none of my business.

Hormones or not, the other members and the community should not have to suffer because of her antics.

Lessons Learned

Some people will irrationally disregard the rule of law

From: Torrie Fischer <>
To: SH Discuss <>
I am not comfortable with those racks that a board member is (in theory) leasing space for.

At today's open house, I saw numerous guests grabbing and poking things. I then put up signs and kept an eye on it. Didn't help. I've also noticed that a few synhak things are on the racks now.

If synhak is somehow liable for those racks, I have some questions that will be brought up on Tuesday:

When did the board approve such a situation or lease?

Where was the membership discussion about the use of space that does not contribute to hacking?

Is synhak liable for any damages or stolen equipment? What if some of our stuff ends up there?

If synhak is liable, does that mean the champions are required to police the racks? You'll never get members to do that.

Its a hackerspace, not a debate club

From: Ryan Rix
To: SH Discuss <>b
Are you really that paranoid that someone is acting dishonestly? They could also write postfix filters that rewrite your mailing list mails too!!!!> what was also said is that the history file can be edited by three
> people, and there is no tracking of that.
> So there are members, and more than one, that could edit the wiki and
> erase the history of that event, or erase the history of another
> members edit.

In the end…

RIP SYNHAK, The Akron Hackerspace.


Hacker. Irritatingly loud. Volatile when wet. Organizer for @EastBayForward.

Hacker. Irritatingly loud. Volatile when wet. Organizer for @EastBayForward.