West Berkeley is trying to outlaw duplexes so we can have more McMansions. This is an unacceptable transgression, tantamount to direct class war.

What? Aren’t there already duplexes and apartment buildings in West Berkeley?

Yes. There are. Many of them are already illegal according to the city’s laws on housing…

Coughing. I cough a lot, lately. Something’s in the air and it fills my throat.

August is part of wildfire season in California. They’re in the news a bunch and sometimes the bay fills with a sickly smog. …

Boy oh boy do I hate the word “progressive”.

Self-labeled Progressives are considering imposing a $450 per year fee on affordable housing units in Berkeley, plus an initial $10,000 fee. When you move in to a below market rate unit, you’re subject to annual income verification to make sure you’re…

The 2016 election has given me a fuckton of questions to answer. Enough such that I had to fit an entire two evenings of study into my calendar to answer them all.

California, this is stupid.

But anyways, here’s my slate for the 2016 ballot in Oakland, CA.


President and…

The inevitable #thoughtpiece about the latest craze that has millennials glued to their phones. No, that other one.

I had a chance to play Pokemon Go over the weekend, and I failed to understand the craze behind it during my one hour of wandering downtown Oakland.

That isn’t to say…

The UK’s recent #Brexit vote serves to further illustrate a divide in global politics that is widening into a vast chasm. The old political framework of neoliberalism has lost its grasp on reality and is in the process of being replaced with something new.

Capitalism is best explained as a…

Victoria Fierce

Hacker. Irritatingly loud. Volatile when wet. Organizer for @EastBayForward. https://patreon.com/tdfischer

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