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With marketing and sales, I have learned that there are the right ways to market and sale and the wrong ways. Talking about social media and how can affect how we can establish a certain amount of people that want to interact with you. In my social media and literacy class I learned what certain pictures and even hashtags can generate more interactions and followers. For instance, posting pictures about babies and puppies can generate more viewers, and hash tagging certain things such as (love, happy, selfie, etc.) gets viewed and trended a lot more on social media and can bring in new followers and viewers. Proper marketing is an aspect I think in a successful part of people seeing your product or information that you want seen, having it marketed and seen many different times in different locations and even on social media can help grow your business if that is your attempt. The long term effect on content marketing is that it can really help a business produce a large following/audience can be built from it and it can help the information spread faster and for a longer period of time. With that content marketing you should make sure that the information is solid and can keep your followers interest to make sure the following grows more. Good ways to do content marketing can be if you’re an advent blogger or YouTuber you can incorporate the items or people or whatever it is into your videos, posts, pictures things like that to give recognition to the brand you are promoting and possibly get recognition from the brand you’re promoting. By promoting certain brands that could benefit your marketing because if you use it and brand it frequently there is a chance that the brand your promoting may possibly want you to continue promoting their product by becoming either an ambassador for them or a brand model for them. A good example of content marketing for example would be Starbucks, their videos and commercials are seen on their social media as well as television. Now while they might not be telling you to buy Starbucks verbally they do a great job with getting their logo and their content in their commercial enough times that by the end it has you at least thinking about going to get that cup of coffee or macchiato. I think that the best content marketing comes from those who do not tell you to buy buy buy their product but just shows you why their product is worth it, they hit you with the jab jab punch method. The jab jab punch method is basically a method that shows how to get your brand or information through to people without telling you to buy that product right off the bat. Nike is a good example of the jab jab punch method; they have on their Facebook page ways of getting their brand into the videos many times. They have a well-known comedian and actor Kevin Hart as one their brand ambassador who promotes them daily, he has many of their products that he uses to go on his daily runs and hikes. These videos not only keep you entertained but without them even telling you to buy their product watching Kevin Hart say how much he loves it and uses it all the time can definitely have people wanting to buy and use that product especially if they follow and trust what Kevin Hart is promoting to them on a daily basis. With good marketing also comes good networking, having good networking skills I think comes with trial and error. With networking you can connect to hundreds of people if done the right way, different methods of networking if you are looking to get a job could be to connect with people on different social media sites. A good site to look into is LinkedIn; this site can connect you to many people in different business aspects, you can follow and connect to different business you’re interested in and stay up to date on openings and offers they may have. Also another way to make sure that you are getting noticed when people or even jobs look for certain things is in your profile. If you are looking into Communication and Sales positions, in your profile your headline section should definitely make sure it has in it ‘Communication and Sales’ that way when people search those particular words that your profile shows up. Another way to network with many people is you can connect with people who graduated from the same college as you and you can reach out to them on the LinkedIn site and connect with them, most of those alumni are more than glad to give tips and information that can help you connect and find different opportunities. If you are still in college you can also go to different career fairs that your college offers, many companies and businesses are there looking for new recruits, you can take their business cards and email them and let them know that you enjoyed speaking with them and would love to potentially work for them, a lot of businesses appreciate when you take the time to reach out to them and remind them of who you are and also express interest in their company. If you are out of college but still want to interact with different companies most places do have job expos that you can go to and connect with many different businesses as well. Staying persistent can show jobs that are you serious with being a part of their company, don’t think that it is a bother to keep in contact with a particular job you want because it shows consistency and passion for what you want and it can ultimately benefit you in the end.

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