Lost in the cloud vendors services lingo?


The biggest cloud players according to the famous Gartner IaaS magic quadrant are: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

It is often hard to move from one vendor to another. If you know AWS and suddenly you need to do something in Azure, you realize that services are named differently, like Application Elastic Load Balancer in AWS is Azure Application Gateway. Moreover, some services in AWS can be mirrored by two or more services in Azure or GCP. This creates a confusion.

That is why, I have created http://letcompare.cloud so one can know how the same functionality can be achieved in the main three cloud vendors.

Of course, the site is probably not complete, it does not contain every possible service mapping, although tried to do my best. You can, however, help me by making the list better. You do it by contributing to the Github repo of the site (yes, the “engine” it is open source).

There are two main files to consider: services.json and mappings.json. Services.json includes three hashes: azure, aws and gcp. Keys in the hashes are services with the following fields, example:

"s3": {      
"name": "Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)",
"about": "https://aws.amazon.com/s3/",
"pricing": "https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing" },

The pricing key should point to the pricing URI, about to a general description and name is just a name. If the keys are not given, the site will try to guess the URIs based on the main key, in the example above this would be s3.