Well first of all, Bill and Hillary did benefit financially from the foundation, the foundation…
Louis Weeks

First, feel free to present a source for your assertion that they were paid tens of millions of dollars in travel arrangements by the Foundation. I can’t find any source asserting that.

Second, Chelsea has a salary of $0 at the Clinton Foundation. I am very sad for you that you can not distinguish between completely false, completely debunked, and retracted “news” stories and reality. There was once a claim that Chelsea made $900,000 per year from “her parents” straight out of college. As you can find at any number of reputable news sources (including snopes.com if you want an internet meme debunker without political affiliation or even media affiliation), that appears to have been “enhanced” from the fact that she made $600,000 from NBC as a contributor (which is actually less than the $900k Bush’s daughters did after he left office). From the Clinton Foundation, however, she has had a $0 “salary” from the start. It is the definition of charity work.

On to Bill, of course the speaking fees of someone married to a senior official in the government went up. I’m not sure about the specific amounts, but I would expect the same. That is true on either side of the aisle, and doesn’t reflect a currying of favor but rather the reality that if someone is in the news they are more likely to be sought after on the talking circuit. Feel free to go after the Clintons for this, but realize that you need to cast a VERY wide net if you are going to call private speaking fees a scandal at all.

I’m sure there are people who Hillary Clinton has recommended for jobs at the Clinton Foundation. If you think any of these in particular were undeserving or a quid pro quo, I’d love a reference to the specific individual. Really interested in hearing what the Breitbart/WND wing of conservative “media” is spewing about this. I will say, however, that Hillary Clinton is quite probably the most investigated Secretary of State ever, who has never had any allegation actually stick. I know you see that as “she is so crooked she can cover up anything”, but the more rational interpretation of someone having been investigated for so much and never having a charge stick against her would be that that person has really not done anything wrong and that the “extraordinary” thing is on the side of the witch hunters rather than their purported witch. I know that hurts you to your very soul and twenty five years of Clinton bashing from your hero Rush and his cronies and prodigies will never let you admit it. But, really. The evidence shows what the evidence shows, and that is not at all corruption.

In any case, this is not about Clinton, who has lost the Presidential election, but about Trump. Trump can be a sinner or a saint all on his own, regardless of how great or horrible his opponent in the election was. When you look at the actual facts on the ground, Trump has a HUGE and unprecedented conflict of interest in his businesses which will need to be dealt with. If it is not dealt with, all indications are that we will be living through the most corrupt Presidency in the history of the Republic. I would love it if that were not true, if Trump would divest himself of his properties and stop using his public appearances as President Elect to hawk hotel and golf vacations. But as has been pointed out, we waited for over a year for Trump to stop playing the buffoon and start participating in the election as an adult, and it never happened; there is no reason to believe he will ever change from something that he sees as “working for him” to comport to standards of basic decency or even Constitutional law.

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