The point you so desperately attempted to dodge was the broken promises on these things from the start with Obama so it does not make a lot of sense to try and pin anyone down now on future legislation when even your God Obama broke most of his early promises.
So it is okay that some were forced off their insurance policy they liked and some were forced to…
Louis Weeks

Not sure what you are trying to say here other than that I apparently worship Obama, which is news to me.

I’m not fully conversant in which statements in which part of the process you specifically consider “promises” so I can’t speak to them all.

Looking up the “$2500” number, that was a campaign promise made before the legislation was even drafted, which of course did not take into account that the Republican half of the Senate and House (Democratic majorities for the first six months were incredibly slim) would obstruct everything and insert “poison pills” into the bill. This is not an ACA promise, it is a campaign promise, and all politicians have a litany of those they have broken.

Congratulations: you have found a politician who over-promises in his campaign speeches!

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