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Screenbrain Syndrome

My work is mostly on the computer, writing, editing, uploading or zooming. It got worse with the pandemic. There is nothing like the particular kind of exhaustion screenbrain can create. I began to feel non-human, disconnected and confused. So I asked myself: What can I do that is not on…


Welcoming Lilith by Theresa C. Dintino. Cover art by Suzanne deVeuve

Lilith is sexual. Of all the writings about her, the ones pertaining to her unbridled promiscuity emit a certain terror. Her sexuality — controlled and enjoyed by her — evokes in the authors the greatest fear.

Lilith is a Goddess and mythological figure who is misunderstood. She is reported to…


Photo by me of Flowers in my 4th of July Garden Proving Summer’s Ova!

I remember growing up being upset every 4th of July when my Italian grandmother would show up for the party saying, “Summer’s ova!” (She lived in New Hampshire and had adopted the accent).

I would get very upset and prickly with her and say, “No Gram, summer is just beginning.”


Walking a labyrinth is a ritual carried out in linear time to access all time

What if I were to tell you that humans have a hidden, untapped superpower? That if we more consciously tapped into that superpower we could change the quality of our lives and perhaps the quality of the lives of the other beings we share our ecosystems with. What is that…

Cueva de las Manos, Argentina 13,000–9,500 years old

In my mother’s attic I walk at night, see what’s there, shop around. We own many of the same things. Many we don’t want to own. They were given to us. Hand-me-downs from other mothers’ mothers that we are not ready to throw away. Feeling it is our duty to…


Image of Kogi people of Colombia from Aluna movie homepage
Image of Kogi people of Colombia from Aluna Movie homepage

Who are the Kogi?

According to the Kogi — an indigenous group of Indians who survived the brutality of the Spanish Conquistadors by fleeing high up into the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia’s northwest territory — they are the Elder Brothers and the rest of us are the Younger Brothers. For the…

Theresa C. Dintino

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