1. Art Verite Gallery
Ramon Orlina Glass Sculptures

Ramon Orlina is known for his glass sculptures that are made from pure passion and creativity. His works are known for being remarkably unique based from self made designs. In the art fair, Orlina’s work is an eye catcher for many for it is different compare to other artworks that we picture in everyday. His vibe of showing art into fragile pieces and not through four corner frames speaks that art must be handle with care and respect.


Numero Otso was one of Orlina’s famous works and as I look into this piece I can see infinity, something that talks about Ramon Orlina himself. He has been working hard for years before he became known for his works, and with his achievements infinity tells his audience that this is his passion, this is his life, and he will continue doing this not because of money but because he loves what he do. Like infinity ideas will continue to come and for Ramon Orlina these ideas will continue to be converted to glass masterpieces that will continue to showcase a different form of art.

This Mountain is one of the most expensive pieces of Orlina’s work, and is one of my personal favorites. Knowing Orlina, he has a museum in Tagaytay, and Tagaytay is known for its atmosphere. As I look into this masterpiece I can picture Orlina’s inspiration, and at the same time it reminds me of my father’s province where I use to visit when I was a child. Through this art work I can sense Orlina’s love for nature as he made nature a glass piece; fragile and must be handled with importance, and it can make his audience feel the same way. In this piece I can say that Orlina captured his audience like how nature captures one’s attention because of its beauty and elegance.

This pink glass sculpted by Orlina, shows another unique masterpiece as it is seldom used in his works. As I reflect in this piece I remember one of Orlina’s interviews that he looks for different types of glass in different countries like this pink glass, and bring them to the Philippines. I can see that Orlina makes sure that he gives importance in his artworks, and as he finishes his unique piece like this one, he wants to show to his audience that an art in any way is a treasure, it is something that even if how hard it is in the process art is still beautiful at the end.

2. Filipino Exhibitors

A. Ronald Ventura

Has shown through his art works a reality of what is being compared in the society. Through his art works I’ve seen reality and it has opened my mind about the way I should think on the present.


This art work has shown the reality between animals and humans; making me think of the fact that indeed at some point humans do act like animals. In a way, Ventura has pictured the truth behind the distinction of humans and animals that people always stressed on studying them, feeding people with knowledge about what it is, and on what it can do. However, without knowing it humans do turn into animals by doing such things that are against nature, and harming others just to get what they want. Ventura’s masterpiece makes me think of our society today, that people find ways just to get what they want, thinking only about themselves without even thinking, or without being concern to other like animals who are born to survive and fight run away from extinction.

This art work seems to portray the end of both animals and humans. With the tattooed bones that seem to portray tattooed humans and an animal skull on top of it pictures out that at the end it will all be the same. The cruelty of humans to animals will also get back to them through death that even how long it is for humans to leave it made me realize that we will all be drawn to death.

This art work makes me think of the nature of animals, that even cats that are known to be simple, and kind especially to their owners has also that side of being dangerous. It made me realize that indeed animals are born to survive for themselves, their defense mechanisms are drawn for them to fight for themselves, and we should all be aware of that. Making me think of my own safety that in this world as a human being I should fight for myself, and build myself to become better.

This art work that shows man and woman covered with different aspects of nature makes me think of the reality that today it is a cruel world and people do fight just to be on top acting like animals to be the winner. It made me realize that I should be tough, and not let other people ruin me like how animals slaughter their prey.


Agnes Arellano has shown a different perspective to woman through her sculptures. It is a different way of showing how people should look at women, and showing them what a woman is capable of.

As I enter her exhibit it is a different feel since I am entering a dark room. For me, it portrays the negative (dark) comments of the society to women. Most of Arellano’s works on women shows strength on what a woman can do, every sculpture is painted with gold color that shows how women are treasures in the society. In this masterpiece, Arellano has given women the image of being powerful that woman can do things beyond what is expected from her. As a woman, Arellano’s work made me realize that I am different that I should not let the dark thoughts of the society eat me. I should build myself to become a better person and be part of something great. By looking at Arellano’s work, I realize that I am not just a woman, but I am someone who can be an influence to others and can do something that may leave a mark to many.

3. My Experience

Being able to see and be exposed to some world class masterpieces is a wonderful experience for me. I can say that my first Philippine Art-Fair experience was a blast. I was able to experience how to appreciate and value art more, and be able to understand how art can be a part of someone. At first I was shocked by how different each gallery is, some are dull, and some are pretty interesting. However, I noticed that people interpret it in many different ways, and when I talked to some exhibitors their interpretation are not the same as mine, and from there I was able to dig deeper on what really is art for many.

Through this event I was able to compare my experience when I visit the Philippine National Museum. National Museum is more cultural it is more like a time capsule wherein it reminds me of the past, it tells history and shows attitude towards important events that happened to my country. However in my visit at the Art-Fair it feels more relaxed and free, in a way that the event brings you and introduces you to different people. It is more global in way that through different well known artists I was able to know different kinds of interpretation based from different stories and not just on a one side of things. Both my experiences are fun, but with Art-Fair PH, I was able to understand more art as I was able to talk to the exhibitor and be able to know the real story behind the piece. I was more exposed and feel the way I should feel, and not put myself into an different time of thinking to understand what is presented in front me because the exhibitors and the people in the event came from different ages, same student as I am and therefore I feel more free to give my interpretation. 
 I really enjoyed my first Philippine Art-Fair experience, and I will surely go again next time. This event gave me a different experience that I will surely never forget. I was able to see and know different artists that inspired me in different ways, I was able to recall some memories that I thought I already forgot, and I was able to feel more different because now I am able to appreciate things, and think that everything has a purpose.