IA#3 Up Close and Personal


1. Ninel Constantino

- Ms. Ninel Constantino has given a meaning about memory, that every memory is important by making an art out of it. She have shown memories a positive outlook that whether it is good, or a bad memory of your past it can create a meaningful part of your present because people have memories and through her art she wants them to know that it is a part of you that you have to accept and you have to treasure.

- One of Ms. Ninel Constantino’s qualities of being positive is really inspiring because as a graduating college student there are a lot of challenges on the way whether it is about academics, relationships, and personal problems. I want to be positive like her because I can see through her that from all the sad memories that she experienced she still found a way to turn it into a beautiful thing and be successful in her own field. As a student I want to learn how to be positive like her because I can see that if you just believe everything will be on the right place, and you will be happy.

- As an HR student I see that a lot of challenges may come in my way especially with dealing with my fellow employees at work. So, being positive is important because as an HR practitioner I should always look at the right choice and not to add more fuel to the fire,, I should implement peace and look at both sides of the situation.

2. Orlando Tionco

- Orlando Tionco has given meaning to what happiness is about. When he retired as a lawyer he continued to do what he love the most which is art, and through his art he portrayed that loving what you do is one of the most beautiful thing you can do in your life because nowadays people look more into the fortune that they could get and not what happiness can give them. He has shown peace and beauty of what love can create and not what fortune can give you which is an irreplaceable thing called satisfaction and happiness of a lifetime.

- I want to be passionate like Orlando Tionco because as a youth I have the opportunity to create greater things in life and as what he have shown through his art works, being passionate can create a beautiful thing, and as I put passion in what I do I can improve and create something that can inspire others whether through my attitude or actions.

- Being passionate will help me excel in what I do especially with my job because as an HR practitioner I may encounter a lot of negative things that may let me turn my back on what I do, but if I keep my passion to it and if I do what I love it will never be a hard thing for me, I will never work a day in my life; it will be a part of me that will make me happy.

3. Rodel F. Colmenar

- Rodel Colmenar gave big appreciation to music and gave honor to the Philippine music industry by giving passion on what he does and giving out the best in him. He made way for Philippine music to be a part of a world class performance because of what he does and putting his heart into it through hard work and dedication.

- I want be hard working, and dedicated like Rodel Colmenar because hard work made everything possible for him, and his dedication inspired a lot of musicians to continue what they love. And looking it from a far perspective, all together it became a big thing that makes a lot of people proud, and created an inspiration to many.

- I want to be hard working and dedicated like Rodel Colmenar because in the future I cannot just give up if hardship comes along the way. I need to learn how to accept failure and never stop working on my field, so in being hard working and dedicated big things are coming and I just need to be patient enough to achieve my goals in life that at the same time may inspire other people to be better too.