IA#5 Honor Thy Father

Honor thy Father has shown how important religion is to people. In the film, they have shown that religion is a symbol of hope it was portrayed as something people should hold on to no matter what happens that everything will turn out fine for as long as people will continue to believe.

In the film they have shown a different religion, their God is “yeshua”, and they call their church “Church of Yeshua.” Throughout the film the characters believe in yeshua that he will provide and he will never stop guiding them. So, the people continue to praise him on a particular day, and offer him everything they do. Even to the point that they believe that every good thing that is happening in their life is because of their faith in yeshua. The characters have shown a different nature in religion compared to what we see most of the time. The characters are more drawn to their god and have put their religion in every aspect of their life that made them more confident, and made them feel more safe and secured. The characters continue to believe that their practices and faith will put them in the right place, and will continue to bless them even at the lowest point of their lives. However, in the film it seems like there are flaws, and ironic scenes that made me question the message of religion being portrayed in the film.

It was shown that all the characters do believe in the miracle that yeshua provides, and all are in awe of the miracles that they experience, the changes in their life as they continue to praise him, and continue to practice his teachings. However, when difficulty occurs it seems like they turned their back on what they believe in, and started to change the way they look at people just because of money. Throughout the film, my attention was caught by the way they respect their religion, but it confused me when the people started to hurt the main characters because of money, and started to act selfish instead of being understanding and supportive like what their religion is teaching them. Even their head priest refuses to give help knowing that the main characters are in danger. All of these seem to be against on what I saw on their belief. However, as the film continues it made me reflect too as a catholic that I also have my flaws. That sometimes or maybe most of the time I also act against the teachings of my religion, but it becomes a symbol of hope that I can continue to change and still do good. The movie made me think that religion sets as a reminder that my actions can affect a lot of things, and it is normal for me to act against it because I am human, It serves as a guide for me to do good, and feel good about myself.