Why Don’t We Teach Children About Race?
tierney oberhammer

I watched the video and I think it is amazing. I will be vulnerable and admit that it was a little eye opening to here an MC of Asian decent present the stereotypes of having a mastery of certain academic pursuits as a negative because that wasn’t his strong suits. Growing up black where the stereotype was that if you were “too educated” then you were being white, made me think that a stereotype could be deemed “positive” or “negative.” As I got older I realized any stereotype can be confining because it is a prejudgment on an individual. There are aspects of race that even though it is a cultural construct, I hold on to as a component of my identity because I don’t know where I am actually from from a stand point of ethnicity. Yes, I can say that I am of African decent but whether has in the Caribbean or some where on the continent of Africa, I truly don’t know. As an adult there is so much about race that I have to learn and be willing to vulnerable in order to effectively share my experiences and new found knowledge to instruct and inspire young people to feel and do better.

Thanks for writing this piece

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