This Is By Me

I’ve always been a writer and a storyteller, but sometimes the writing takes a back seat. A decade ago or so I discovered a wonderful website called This Is By Us (TIBU) and embraced it fully. I had a lovely group of readers and I wrote my heart out for them. I had an equally wonderful group of writers I read with a passion. We loved each others work, and voted each other up every day. I wrote some of my best stuff there. As all good things come to an end, so did our beloved TIBU. After it died, I lost a lot of my will to write. I tried to blog, but without an audience (and without the patience to build one, I know, shame on me) I wasn’t inspired. Then came writers block, the raging of my inner editor, and fear of writing, and bad health and… where was I? Oh, yes. Writing.

A year or so ago I began to spend more time on the novel idea that had been rumbling in my head forever. I searched out writing gurus, websites, opportunities… and took none of them. Perhaps the time wasn’t right for me, perhaps my block was still holding me in thrall. One day I read a blog entry by a woman named Shaunta Grimes. I loved it. I started following her, and eventually discovered her Ninja Writers. Now, I thought, is the time. I’ve been assembling my arsenal of tools, books, logs, prompts… but still no writing. Shaunta to the rescue again, with an invitation to this thing called Medium. Fired up, I skimmed through some of the content and have been delighted. Here is a place for me, perhaps. Another place I can say This Is By Me.

So, I raise a forkful of my three bean salad to Ms. Grimes, as I sit in the library coffee shop with my trusty laptop. Here’s to her wonderful resources, here’s to technology, here’s to me, actually writing.