Why Do Our Heroes Always Let Us Down?
Caitlin Johnstone

Unfettered free market capitalism leads quickly to monopolies and a complete collapse of the system. In order for a capitalist system to even survive it has to be regulated to some extent.

Capitalism differs from a creature beast in that you don’t have to kill it to get rid of it. You just reform it step by step in the name of humanity, fairness and justice, until it no longer exists. But it doesn’t stop existing until you end the practice of trade, the “Peter won’t give Paul the materials or help that he needs unless Paul gives him something in return.” Once this is recognized as obviously not the way that nature works, and is inhuman and ungodly, then there is a view of the end of the path.

Communism as a philosophy was an attempt to put the ancient and everlasting values that reside at the core of all the great religions into a secular context, because all the religions had gotten so corrupt.

This is not to argue with the core idea of the essay.