Is Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky telling us the truth about his company?
Steven Hill

To say that Airbnb is responsible for it’s customers behaviour is like blaming the car companies for bad drivers. It’s a good copyright but the reality is, that is all it is.

Do the auto manufacturers hide the fact that the car rental companies are large customers? Does it matter who the customers are? The reality is that Airbnb is Tech 3.0 has developed a better tool but before Airbnb, there was Tech 2.0 VRBO and Tech 1.0 Craigslist. Why exactly does everyone want to crucify Airbnb for developing a better business model? Do you think that if you got rid of Airbnb, the sharing economy would just go away? It’s true there are some professional landlords but who really cares?

The reality is that it is up to the condo corporations and apartment owners to figure out what works for them and set up regulations. The old adage goes “if you don’t want to hear the train, don’t live near the train tracks” works here. It is not Airbnb’s responsibility to babysit every customer on it’s system.

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