Tears Over

A broken reed. Is this an attempt of writing an overdramatic tragedy? I kid you not. Tonight, the sorrows I feel for my deceased companion are real… or so I thought.

Everything happened too fast. One second, my sister and I were on the heights of serenity and affection. Soft music played in the background as we relaxed before bed. This moment couldn’t be any calmer. Yet, the next was catastrophic.

Prior to this, I was practicing my oboe for the CMEA festival tomorrow and (stupidly) left it aside to take a break. Oh, how I would regret this incredibley soon.

My dear one, you have moved my oboe recklessly. You careless creature have destroyed my best reed. You mindless monster have wasted my $21. Wrath like never before overcame me, and boy, was I tempted to attack her, you, with my needle. However, I retreated to the whining method, becoming a immature baby and whining to my father.

Listen, honey, it was sort of your fault for not putting it away. By doing so, you set up the possibility for this accident to happen. Also, we can buy a new reed. It is no big deal. What is done is done. She already apologized so forget it.

What? I, who have come to you for support, was given this as a response? Father, why? It’s too hard to move on from this reed. You would never understand.

With no one left to complain to, I bursted, tears dropping instinctively. My reed… my $21… my extra one month of playing. Gone. Gone just like my emotional stability.

Funny, I noted, that even though I was crying, I felt nothing, as if these tears were fake. Perhaps, my selfish mind wanted human sympathy and pity. Perhaps, my heart wanted her to get all the blame. Inside me was void. Simply space and blackness. Nothing at all.

For a time post the incident, I cried for no reason. A reed was materialistic. Money was as well. What was the need to waste tears on something with no vitality?

I am on earth now with my thoughts. CMEA is tomorrow. My best, most comfortable reed is gone. I just have to make the other reeds better for me now. But is that possible in one night?

Thus ends my tale of my pathetic sadness. Thank you for listening; I really appreciate it.

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