The Most Open and Transparent Chair Election Ever
Patrice Taylor

As I outline in my Medium post Please DNC, get a clue!, communications from the DNC, and about this leadership election in particular, leave a lot to be desired. Glad someone actually wrote up notes as to what’s happening. Appalled that those notes are here on Medium and not on the DNC’s own web site. Appalled that even finding the “Future of the Democratic Party” page on the DNC web site requires feats of forensic anthropology. Appalled that none of this is content is linked from or even evident on the DNC Facebook page. Appalled that even after finding all of this “deep info” I still lack even a list of names of leadership candidates.

Thinking we’d go Democrat because the alternative was so bad is what split the party. If the DNC keeps this up it will drive us into an extended Republican supermajority in the time it takes a replacement for the Democratic party to rise from the ashes.