Fake News

Fake news has been around for a very long time. It spreads rumors everywhere and it needs to come to an end. Over the last decade, it has become much worse due to new technology and social media which makes it a lot easier to gain attention. All it does is cause problems. During the election, fake news was spread across the nation affecting both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Lies were spread about them. This hurt both of their images. They are not the only one affected by this. All american citizens are affected by this. Fake news misleads us into thinking the wrong things which makes us a lot more judgmental about whatever the rumor is about. This is not good for our society. We should not take rumors for granted. I personally think that there needs to be some kind of proof that things really happen, such as a video of it or multiple witnesses of the event. If this was put into effect I think it would eliminate a great deal of fake news and not mislead people into getting the wrong idea.

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