Technology And Love.
cindrella samuel

Disagree in a basic way. First off, I met my wife on I am a pilot, living in the high desert of Denver CO. I get this email “from a lady living on her YACHT in NEW ZEALAND!” Wants to know if we could have anything in common????

Point is social media allows contact with the entire world, not just the few you might meet normally With that huge a selection, I feel anyone honest is going to be just that. And if a person is reasonably intelligent, it becomes obvious rather quickly if the other person has anything to share with you. That is much more efficient, more honest than the pressure of meeting someone face-to-face right off the bat. For me, the social media today is an improvement over what resulted in relationships in the past. And, oh, by the way, I am 71 married for the first time at age 60. P.S, JANE was living on her yacht, a 40' sailboat in New Zealand, because she had sailed it there from Florida. With one crewman. How else would anyone like the two of us had ever met without the internet?

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