Time to Reflect

Figuring out what matters in the last few months of college.

Three Months Left

When I started here I was 18 years old. I was fresh out of high school and looking for a good time. I had dreamed of college since I was young kid. The freedom, the lack of rules, the parties. Things have changed a lot these past few years. I’ve grown in more ways that I could have ever imagined and done things I never dreamed possible. I’ve fucked up a lot and done some stupid stuff, but I’ve grown. I’ve lived.

As I write this I’m in Allen Hall at the University of Oregon. This has been my go-to spot for the past couple years for studying, designing, coding and of course procrastinating. I just set up final class schedule for Spring term in my Google Calendar and it’s finally starting to hit me, I’m almost done. Three more months and I’ll be starting a new adventure in some far away place. I’m not nervous for the future, I’ve never been much of a worrier. I really thrive in change and the possibilities of the unknown excite me. But I’ve been feeling uneasy lately, not of what’s to come, but what I haven’t done. When I was younger time didn’t seem so tangible, so real. Time was unlimited and the possibilities were endless, but I’m coming into reality. I can feel time now.

Here’s a list of stuff I want to do. Some of them have been dreams for a long time and others have developed more recently, but they all mean something to me and I plan to make every single one happen before I graduate.

20 Things That Matter

  1. Hitchhike to a different city
  2. Sell all my useless crap
  3. Read a book that I choose for once
  4. Skinny dip in the Willamette
  5. Laugh more
  6. Jump on a moving train
  7. Take a day off
  8. Go a week without my iPhone
  9. Teach someone about design
  10. Show my friends how much I love them
  11. Find a way to thank my parents for everything they’ve done
  12. Be nicer to people
  13. Be content
  14. Live in the present
  15. Run more
  16. Smile at people I don’t know
  17. Listen to new music
  18. Meet new friends
  19. Learn to say “no”
  20. Cherish the past and reflect more often
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