A Progressive Web Application with Vue JS, Webpack & Material Design [Part 3]
Charles Bochet

Really appreciate the tutorial and the time you put into it — parts I was pretty much flawless. Part II and this article as of the end of Aug 2017 no longer reflect the state of the code in the GitHub repo. So if you follow the gists as you have them laid out — you never get to see any newly posted cats. Not to mention you have to comb through the comments below to understand how to set permissions on Firebase (which basically is open to the world — great for a simple example, but not a good example of how to do this ‘for real’ — and it should be noted as such). It’d be nice if the articles were updated as the code was — it’d make it a lot easier for people like me to socialize this concept and Vue in general with my team. As it stands now — those that are skeptical will have even more reason to be so.

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