VPK half-day pickups

Every day, I pick up my son Jacob from school at half day. He is five so hes in VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) which also means that I cant go through a pick up line you have to walk into the school and sign them out. It is not the greatest part of my day. All of the other moms, are somehow always and I mean always dressed nicely and have their make-up flawless and hair done perfectly. And then there’s me, the mom who is just barely holding it together, seriously hanging by a thread here people. The mom with the kids who are dressed great but ruin their outfit and hair in the first five minutes of walking into the front office. Most days I don't look too bad I try to dress semi-decent, for my sons sake. I don't ever do my hair or makeup but i attempt at dressing nice, which I typically fail at if im being completely honest. What I really don't understand is how those moms are so put together. Really how are they so well dressed and have makeup done with kids. I still cant figure it out, even after right at four years of having kids! I cant get my kids to leave me alone long enough to use the damn bathroom or shower without an audience, let alone do my hair and or makeup. If i tried by the time i came out of the bathroom my house would look like a war just took place here. That's not even mentioning the fact that I barely have enough time to squeeze my workout into my dealing with kids and constant attempting to get my house clean. I don't even think i want to know what my freaking house would look like if i took time out of my schedule to do my hair and makeup everyday. I mean it's already pretty bad. Well its not that bad, it's just that there has never ever been a day i have finished all of the dishes. The days I think that I finally finished all of the dishes then I walk into another room or onto my front porch and find 47 more cups and say screw it I refuse to do those damn dishes. That's not all, there has NEVER literally never ever been a day in my entire time of being a mother that the laundry has been finished. I have had times where it was all folded but there was another load in the dryer and one in the washer I have had times where all of the clothes were completely washed and dried but I also couldn't see a whole corner of my living room because all of the clean clothes were just thrown there because I really didn't feel like folding them. Maybe that's because I am the mom that still makes my kids beds for them after they get to school, I clean their rooms more than they do.