The ‘Set it and Forget It’ Sunday Kitchen Meal Prep

When I first started my journey to health, the kitchen was a scary place.

And on Sundays, I faced the demon head on.

The fridge full of uncooked food,

A maze of pots without lids.

The sheer heat of the 4 burners and the 350 degrees of burning metal emanated from the oven…felt like a dang sauna.

Overwhelm is putting it lightly.

And when it was all said and done, I had my nutrition all lined out for the week, but it took 4–5 hours.

Then came the dishes, a whole ‘nother story…

And it wasn’t until I discovered these “hacks” that I slowly started to make this Sunday activity, a truly enjoyable experience, cutting down the time investment, the mess and the mass dish confusion.

Here’s the 3 things I use to ‘set it and forgetttt it’:

1. Crock pot for meat — set to simmer, leave for 4 hours.
2. Rice maker — click ‘on’ and leave it.
3. One Pan and one burner for the veggies (include onions, peppers, etc.).

That’s it.

A 1 hour investment and you’re all set for the week.

So simple.

Oh, and throw on your favorite audio book for bonus points.

No time to eat healthy, to prepare meals?

Too much work?

No longer a valid excuse (not that it ever was).

Seriously, you’re all set, now get up and make it happen capt’n.

Travis Dillard

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