I am assuming wizards hiding in terminals have thrown black magic on myself.. this explains why I am up so oddly early and ranting. This past year has been the first year in my life where I feel as though I am evolving and growing mentally and emotionally.. (need to work on physically again). I feel very: happy, free, content, and comfortable in my own skin.. A new sense of confidence has grown. I am honing in my empathetic skills, creativity, high EQ, and steadfastedness to evolve mentally.

My main goal is to learn. I have no exact goals in mind because I already know I have every talent in the book (as well as the looks). πŸ€–

I am hungry to learn. Why? God has granted me a fresh set of eyeZ, wisdom, and a new brain. Praise God. I finally snapped out of daydreaming for 27 years.. The veil of the devil has been lifted from my eyes. I fear God.. because he saved me. Thank you God.

Thank you God for saving me. β˜•οΈπŸ‘©πŸ»


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