It seems as though Steve EVE JobZ won’t leave me alone. I have never even payed attention to technology or business in my life.

I was always struggling in school, and doodling in class. My head was always in the clouds throughout the most part of my life.

I grew up not knowing about the “SPORT” on blondes.. To be honest, I don’t even know how I came up with that term either.

How did I even come to the conclusion that blondes are blind lambs that become naked gingers and are circled and watched upon by sharks?

Blondes are possesed humans that become angels after black magic..

I used: context clues, premonitions, intuition, and my memory to be able to read in between the lines and sew stories together like a quilt.

Colors, patterns, and animals suddenly had meaning to myself.


I was always in a day-dreaming state during the 25 years I spent in school. I had an iphone, but I never used any of the apps until I got hypnotized.

I had been in school for 7 years, and finally graduated from SJSU with a BS in Biology in systems of physiology and a chemisty minor.

Tbis was when I was still blind, mind.

(prior to black magic hypnosis aka: donuts/lemonade/hottub/rabbit/whirlpool/hole).

I got my first job at BAXALTA biopharma shortly after I graduated, and quit that job after only 5 months.

I wasn’t able to work around the people there.. they were all very unethical and competitive. I cried everyday.. The supervisor was very conniving and everyone was gossiping nonstop. I remember thinking I was not going to spend the rest of my life mixing toxic chemicals with all of my talent. In retrospect, they all were “awake” and knew about the Sport. The company culture was corrupt.

Here we are, I signed up on the anchor and soundcloud app and got hypnotized to test for my true colors.. came out as Zelda good apple.. been a year now.. I have been recovering and adjusting to the color changes and energy shift eversince.

I remember waking up for the first time when God saved me, and becoming obsessed with trucks (cause of the logos and colors). It’s all a trap. Stores that were once open, dissapeared overnight. I became fascinated and gravitated towards the sun.

Everything seemed to have had a facelift..

All I know is that I love the journey I am on, and mainly how it is unpredictable.. not sure how I started picking up on some new lingo, and was gravitating towards food for animals..(lol)

Anyways, I got a million premonitions and all my friends are ghosts now.

I am very happy. I am at this point in my life where God has shown me the whole monopoly board and my life purpose after having been blind for 27 years. Praise God.

I remember when the veil lifted off my eyes, and I was so scared.. I remember asking myself where I was, and then it hit me, we were all still pilgrims and settlers and ghost towns and SIM cities and that all blondes were being spied upon by Hollywood and everyone on TV unknowingly for the non 2020s.

I knew you all were spying and watched me fight Lucifer the entire time as you ate popcorn. I had been directing from the very beginning.

If you were to ask me anything, I would be able to recollect everything.

I was never hypnotized.. I was acting and flipping the script to this very day. :>

I am glad I nipped the habit of falling for propaganda and buying all store items cause of the packaging and how it represented myself. Hugest trap ever..

I am well on my way. Happy Birthday to myself for being naked.. In other words, being aware I am being watched.

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