TE-FOOD has been implemented at French poultry producer Galliance. Galliance is the poultry arm of Terrena, one of the largest agro-food cooperative group in France, with 21,500 member farmers, 14,000 employees, and 4.9 billion euros of turnover.

The implementation was initiated by Auchan France to include chicken products by Terrena in its traceability program. The extension covers both whole chicken and various chicken part products of Terrena.

As we are approaching summer season, the travel and leisure industry prepares for millions of travelers aroud the world. Airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains, event organizers establish the infrastructure and processes to ensure their guests feel safe to choose their services in the current environment.

Spain is the second most visited country in Europe, with over 80 million passengers arriving each year. The beaches of Mallorca, the parties at Ibiza, the climate of the Canary Islands, or the beautiful cities like Barcelona made Spain a primary target for summer vacations.

TrustOne’s blockchain based mass testing management solution has been implemented…

Returning students to schools safely is an important element of restarting the economy. As digital education often requires certain level of presence by parents, several country governments are seeking for ways to restart onsite education.

But education within schools means increased risk for spreading the coronavirus. Governments around the world are testing various approaches to mitigate this risk. Besides social distancing and precautionary measures, repeated mass testing of students and teachers enables schools to monitor efficiently the appearance of the virus within the classes.

The Czech Republic is piloting mass student testing in two schools in Prague, the country’s capital…

In order to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, the United Kingdom implemented regulations to require negative Covid-19 tests for people traveling to or from the UK.

When travelers arrive to the UK, they have to isolate for a certain period of time. But this isolation time can be shortened, if the traveler gets tested (Test to release). Similarly, to leave the UK, travelers need to get tested negative (Test to depart). Both types of tests in the UK are possible to do either by using a self test kit, or onsite, at a sampling station.

Eurofins UK, a…

South Africa has the most advanced food and beverage market on the African continent, serving its ~60 million population, as well as to export food products within Africa and to other continents.

Supergroup, a global logistics & mobility group — headquartered in South Africa — is one of the leading logistics services providers in the continent. The group provides all kinds of logistics services for retail goods, bulk dry powder and liquids, raw minerals, primary and secondary distribution, warehousing, express domestic and international courier services, freight forwarding and trade financing under various brands.

As the economy had changed globally in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it required modifications in our focus as well.

Food traceability is becoming more and more important each year, but the pandemic shifted the focus on other areas for the food companies.


Due to our partnership with GE Aviation and Eurofins, we found an opportunity, where our traceability solution can be used to help organisations to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

TrustOne was born to enable organisations managing mass testing more efficiently and securely by utilizing TE-FOOD’s traceability experience and blockchain based solution.

TrustOne has seen a…

As the world faces an unprecedented event with the Coronavirus pandemic, and there is no best practice yet to mitigate the spread, many countries try different ways to defend their citizens, and keep the economy running as much as possible.

Slovakia, a country in the European Union with 5,5 million population decided to continuously test all citizens in regions where the infection numbers are high. Such approach demands professional organisation and logistics to avoid mistakes.

Despite the testing is voluntary, there are advantages for those who get tested every week. …

Since 1984, Grupo Avícola Rujamar is not only an important supplier of eggs in Spain, but also a leader of the free-run and cage-free movement. Rujamar is the first national poultry company in Spain to totally eliminate cages in its production model, producing 100% Cage Free eggs. As a growing number of consumers demand that producers should care more about the well-being of animals, Rujamar was seeking for a solution to prove that their products are premium quality.

The industry standard for providing proof of quality is bockchain based traceability. Ruyamar turned to TraceFood, TE-FOOD’s implementation partner in Spain, in…

Following the implementations in France, Portugal, and Romania, Auchan Hungary is the next branch of the leading international supermarket chain to implement end-to-end traceability.

Auchan opened its first hypermarket in Hungary in 1998. Today, with 24 hypermarkets and supermarkets, it’s one of the leading participants of the retail market.

Consumers have various ethical drivers that impact what they buy. The most basic of these drivers is the consumer expectation, that food is safe. Several recent scandals in supply chains all over the world have shown, that consumers can’t consider traceability as a ‘given’ to ensure food safety.

Canada has a strong agriculture and food industry. It’s one of the top 10 agricultural exporters in the world. Food and beverage processing industry is the second largest manufacturing industry in Canada, employing 290,000 people.

As blockchain based food traceability provides value for both domestic and export sales, we believe there is a strong market for TE-FOOD in Canada. This is why we are excited to partner with Blockadvise to offer TE-FOOD’s solutions on the Canadian market. Blockadvise has a professional and experienced team with good connections in our target industry. …


TE-FOOD is the world’s largest publicly accessible, blockchain based farm-to-table food traceability system.

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