Token Release Update

Dear TE-FOOD token holders,
Yesterday morning we had the most exciting 15 minutes of our lives. Our token sale reached the hard cap of $19,100,000 in less time than an average lunch break. Upon completion, the smart contract immediately started to distribute the tokens, as programmed.

Thank you for the trust!


  • Due to some unexpected events, tomorrow we will re-distribute all the tokens under a new symbol: TFD
  • TFD will be the official token of TE-FOOD
  • You will finally see your TFD tokens in your wallet and on EtherScan
  • Nothing else changes regarding the conditions
  • You don’t have to do anything, process will be done by us
  • We have some good news for the next weeks


Shortly after the tokens were distributed, several people notified us that they see their tokens in their MyEtherWallet, but not on Etherscan. Upon investigation, we discovered this was due to a minor programming mistake in which the smart contract didn’t properly trigger the token transfer event and only assigned them to balances. Because of this, Etherscan did not properly understand that there was a token transfer happening, so it was not checking for their balance.

During the same day, it turned out that there were issues with some private sale ETH addresses. As the total amount for these private and presale contributors — who have supported us from early on — is a considerable amount, this was something we could not ignore.

After contemplating several possible solutions, and to prevent any potential negative impact on token holders not being able to view balances on Etherscan, we determined the best solution is creating a new smart contract, generating the tokens once again, and distributing them to every private and public sale participant.

To prevent confusion and potential scams, we will generate and distribute new tokens under the symbol: TFD. TFD will be the official token of TE-FOOD. The originally distributed TFOOD tokens will not hold any value. It is important to note that the distribution will be exactly the same and nothing will be lost in this process.

The new token generation event will set the distribution settings properly, so you don’t have to set anything manually and Etherscan will also see the tokens immediately.

The TFD distribution will take place tomorrow, as soon as we have tested the new smart contract properly.

Rest assured this doesn’t change anything related to our project, progress, partnerships and amazing community, nor any conditions regarding the allocation or token lock up period, which will continue as previously scheduled.

We would like to thank you for your overwhelming amount of support thus far, and for your continued patience while this is resolved.

We are looking forward to start working with the TFD tokens, as we have some huge news to be shared with you in the coming weeks.

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