Update — what TE-FOOD is working on

Aug 2 · 2 min read

There are periods when there is just a lot of work, but nothing is ready to be published. Our community members asked us to write an article about the work we do, even if it can’t contain a lot of specifics.

So here we present the things we are working on currently:

  • The planning of the new, upgraded node structure and its conditions.
  • New project implementations which will be launched in the next ~1 month.
  • Preparation of implementations for other new customers, where the contract is signed, or about to be signed. We are working on mapping the processes, etc.
  • The second phase of the Cofidec project (production to export traceability). The first phase started recently.
  • The planning and specification of the Trinidad traceability project.
  • Development of a new module, called TE-FOOD Designer, which will make system parameterization easier and quicker.
  • Development of a new, complementary product with a new partner, which we hope to be launched in September-October.
  • An R&D grant application, which is important to get funding for basic research projects.
  • New partnerships (with potential sales and implementation partners) in different countries to get exposure to more food companies.
  • The trainings and farm registration in Dong Nai and Can Tho provinces for the livestock management module.

And some other things which are still too early even to mention. We hope that we can release more news about these activities soon.


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TE-FOOD is the world’s largest publicly accessible, farm-to-table food traceability system, focusing on emerging countries.

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