I’ve found a career…

I am entering week six of my role as a consultant for the Power Economics group of GE Energy Connections. We are a small group that utilizes a crop of software tools to provide data and forecasts of what the grid and electricity markets will be like years in advance (For those that didn’t know, just as I didn’t before I started at GE, electricity is traded as a commodity on a spot market, similar to gold, currencies, oil, securities, or pork bellies).To give some context, yes GE is the huge conglomerate that is known for making light bulbs, trains, turbines, refrigerators, washing machines, etc… But there is some merit to the recent “What’s wrong with Owen?” ad campaign where GE attempts to paint itself as the industrial machine gone geek-chique startup. My division of GE does not build trains, or turbines, or light bulbs. We serve the various utilities and ISOs of the modern power grid to help them find solutions and data to help shape the future of the industry. And despite the fact that it has been only five weeks in this new job, I can tell you with confidence that a lot is going to change with how the world is powered, and these changes occurring right before our eyes faster than I ever imagined possible.

Getting up to speed at this job has definitely been a trial by fire. Within my first two weeks I was handed over responsibility to track all power plants that are to be retired and update those retirements dates into our databases we use to run our simulation work. I have also been assisting one of the senior engineers with a reliability study, while simultaneously trying to output data from one of the simulation files via python, a programming language I am only just learning. To some this may seem like a lot to put on the plate of a new hire, but I’m loving every minute of it. I think I have learned more and completed more actual work in the last month than I have in nine months that I worked at Electric Boat in Connecticut (I have serious qualms with the defense industry and how it has engineered methods to waste everyone’s tax dollars, but I’ll leave this rant for another post). The point is, fixing the outdated, imbalanced system that provides power to our country is a task that I can get behind. I feel fulfilled for the first time since my early days of college before engineering school kicked me in the taint. The objective of these posts is to give those that are interested a glimpse into the rapid change of the energy industry, as well as my views on where it is headed, as both a professional and a consumer.

I may also rant about life, people, politics, music, or my current endeavors to instill motivation in those around via the website I am building with a colleague. It should be interesting for those readers to see my progress towards becoming a Millennial proxy-Tony Robbins, or crashing and burning along the way. Either way, life is too short to go out quietly, so I might as well try to make some noise. Cheers!

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