So, I’m not sure wha I’m supposed to write. I think the idea here is that this has got to be personal. Does it? I’ve had a scan at other local things on medium. Some people and organisations but no stories. So here is m

I am supposed to appear like a great and wonderful social media guru. Whilst this occurs, I am actually a pretty decent childcare/play leader. I have led many communities to play outdoors. I digress (I might say this often). I’m trying to design a flyer for an amazing four week play holiday club run by a community centre.

Whilst I do this, I’m also not able to stop thinking to setup a CIC. This is important because this project will provide after school care that is sorely needed in the Beeston Leeds area. Once I set this up, I could then be self sustained into not having to work. Would be great news. A whole new level of management and skills for me.

Within all this, I’m also thinking I may take my time and open up a council property. This would mean I need to learn about asset management matter. Oh dear. Big issues.

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