Canvas Tip: Conversation and Announcement Notifications

Have you ever wondered if the inbox message that you sent from Canvas was actually sent? What about whether an announcement you posted was actually sent to students? To get copied on any emails or announcements you send to your class, you can update your Notification preferences.

Step 1. Access Notifications

Access the Notifications page of your Canvas Account. You will see notifications options for Course Activities, Discussions, Conversations, Scheduling, Groups, Alerts, and Conferences. For more information on the various settings, visit the Canvas Instructor Guide’s How do I set my Canvas notification preferences? page.

Step 2. Conversations Notifications

Under Conversations, click the check mark next to Conversations Created by Me to receive email confirmation of any inbox messages you send right away.

To learn more about the Conversations tool, visit the Canvas Instructor Guide.

Step 3. Announcements Notifications

To get copied on your announcements, within the Course Activities block, click the check mark next to Announcement Created By You. You will then receive an email confirmation of any announcements you make right away.

To learn more about the Announcements tool, visit the Canvas Instructor Guide.

Once you adjust both settings, when you send an email or post an announcement from any of your course sites, you will receive an email notification that they went out.

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