April 11th 2017

Lesson 2 on empathy


  • Reading 10–15 minutes
  • Return the purple portfolio
  • Return report card envelopes
  • Scholastic orders are due tomorrow

On Monday we attended an informative and fascinating presentation by Earth Rangers. Students were able to see a live Tegu, European Barn Owl, Prehensile Tailed Porcupine and Peregrine Falcon. In Math we continued working on our budgets, students are getting inventive to deal with the high rent they have to pay. We also continued our exploration of empathy: having worked on recognizing emotions in others last week, we worked on identifying those same emotions in ourselves on Monday.

Today two groups presented their mini-plays, we practiced our operations and we finalized the erosion unit by observing the differences between liquid water and solid water, and inferring the effect of frozen water on rocks.

I also introduced passion projects to the students today. Students have the freedom to choose something they would like to construct/build (ideally something related to a passion/interest), they will be able to work on the project in class (and at home) and eventually present it to their peers. One caveat is the materials required, students will need to bring in the material and the tools they need to build their project (with the exception of materials commonly found in the classroom). If you have any concerns about my last stipulation please contact me.

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