February 16th 2017

Maracas and flute

*I will be sending out two emails this evening regarding Burnaby Village, the first to everyone and the second to chaperones.

This week we have continued our work with subtractions, especially in the context of financial literacy (e.g. today we compared our present day wages to the wages of Burnaby Village in 1925, and briefly discussed inflation). At this point we are doing subtractions that require borrowing from a higher number position.

We have continued to work on our mini-plays, which will be presented next week, and our descriptive texts (here is the link to the video the students are being asked to describe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUn5PIU18XM).

In Sciences Naturelles we have continued our work on the landscape models, with most students doing finishing touches. In Sciences Humaines we discussed the clothing of the 1920s in preparation for Burnaby Village. In Art, we investigated percussion and wind instruments.