May 12th 2017

Students’ ideal place for human habitation

For homework this weekend:
- Students are encouraged to read a minimum of 30 minutes.
- Purple portfolios need to be returned.
- Scholastic orders are due May 31st.

The second half of the week went well, our mindfulness times increased exponentially and the class was a much quieter and attentive environment to work in (perhaps as a result of the mindfulness). In Math, we analyzed our nutritional fact sheets to find the fraction composition of a portion (e.g. grams of sugar/grams of 1 portion). In literacy, we continued to read through Le Petit Prince while also continuing our study of high frequency language structures. Additionally, we watched Radio Radio’s music video of “Dekshoo” which featured a sport included in the WEIO (i.e. Inuit and other northern peoples’ Olympics). Students were intrigued by the sports played at these games and we watched a series of clips of impressive feasts of athleticism.

We also explored the characteristics that make a place habitable for humans (see above drawing), this lead to a discussion about human competition for these places and how this, in part, explains the reserve system in Canada. We will continue to explore this topic in the coming weeks. In addition, we briefly discussed this week’s provincial election and how the current composition of the legislature affects the passing of legislation.

Have a wonderful weekend!