May 16th 2017

Results from rolling dice — Probabilities presented in the form of fractions.

Highlights in class from yesterday and today:

  • We continued to learn reading strategies with Mme Fabienne in the library. In particular, we worked on making connections.
  • Students self-organized into groups and started practicing the next round of mini-plays.
  • We read chapter 22 of Le Petit Prince together, continuing our work on making inferences and asking questions.
  • We started our probability unit by learning how to express the results of rolling a dice in the form of fractions.
  • In Science Humaines we discussed the differences between communities in Canada. In particular, how land has been divided between groups and how the communities of these groups appear different (with a focus on housing).

Looking forward, we have City farmer Society visiting the classroom on Thursday to do a worm composting workshop. Afterwards the classroom will have its own worm-powered compost bin. Thank you to the PAC for making this possible.

Also, for your information, UBC will be offering track and field summer camps:

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