May 19th 2017

The origins of the elements

***Please note***

  • Beaty Biodiversity Museum permission forms were sent home today, please have them completed and returned by May 31st.
  • Scholastic orders are due May 31st.
  • I am still missing a few purple portfolios.

On Wednesday this week, we learned about our two “Students of the Week” (Personnes de la semaine) and we explored the origins of the elements. Students learned about the Big Bang and the subsequent events that lead to the formation of matter as we see it (e.g. fusion in stars and in supernovae).

On Thursday, we learned about our musician of the week — Fanny Bloom — and listened to her song: Danse avec moi. We also had discussion regarding an article about the Cetacean ban by the Park Board (careful to talk about both sides of the argument). Later, we continued our exploration of expressing probabilities in the form of fractions.

Expressing probabilities in the form of fractions

The highlight of the week was definitely the workshop about worms and soil by City Farmer. Students were engaged, learned a a lot and were able to hold the California Red Wiggler Worms. Our classroom now has a Worm powered compost. Materials that we will need regularly to keep the worms healthy: egg shells, dried foliage or straw and raw scraps from vegetables and fruits. Thank you again to the PAC for making the workshop possible.

Worm composting

Today we are finishing this week’s work, having our class meeting and working on our passion projects.

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