November 24th 2017

Many careers for many intelligences

This week, with the exception of Friday, was chaotic and loud for division 22F. Despite this, some learning was done. In numeracy students started to develop and apply their subtraction skills. In literacy, students built book summary fortune tellers with their big buddies, continued to compose their Explain Everything stories, studied high frequency sentence structures via “Les personnes de la semaine” and “Les phrases de la semaine” and we learned about the sport of high kick and enjoying life through Radio Radio’s song Dekshoo.

Elsewhere, we learned more about respecting the diversity of learners while exploring what careers exist for folks of all intelligences, we learned about empathy and how to recognize emotions and we had our first 2nd Step lesson with Mme. Yee. We also rounded out the week with our usual class meeting (where the strike system was a hot topic) and Passion Project work.

This weekend’s agenda:

•Read ~30 minutes in French per day.

•Bring materials for your passion project.

This week’s “phrases de la semaine” (emphasis on the “ê”):

•Je ne vais pas être fatigué après mon café.

•Tu n’es pas prêt pour notre randonner dans le forêt.

•Nous n’allons pas dormir dans un hôtel ce soir.

•Tu montre beaucoup d’intérêt dans le camping.

Optional math work:

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