October 19th 2017

The elusive rollerblading, lentil soup spitting giant mosquito featured in our “Histoire de la semaine”

Wednesday and Thursday of this week were rainy, but productive days in Division 22F. Wednesday, we talked about Gord Downie and his legacy, in particular his work involving reconciliation. We listened to the first song of The Secret Path, taking that opportunity to remember our past discussion about Residential Schools. Furthermore, we did procedural work involving place value in numeracy and studied Ivorian musical group Magic System’s song “Magic in the Air” in literacy. We also began our “Ma culture” PowerPoints, in which students will present the information they gathered from the Family survey.

Thursday, we did our “Phrases de la semaine” (please find sentences below), wrote a Math quiz and read our “Histoire de la semaine”. We also had a positive class meeting where students expressed a desire to move faster along in Math and to study cursive. To end the week we watched a “C’est pas sorcier” video about mountain formation.

Below: Agenda and “Phrases de la semaine”. No new math worksheets.

This weekend’s agenda:

  • Read ~30 minutes per day in French.
  • Family Survey
  • Form for the concert field trip
  • Food Bank Drive (we will continue to collect even tough we have surpassed our goal)
  • Return cross-country jerseys.

This week’s “Phrases de la semaine”:

Presented to students as…

  • _____ ________ __ __ Grèce.
  • __ vipère __ _____ ___ __ __ Grèce.
  • ____ ____ __ chez ___ frère.
  • __ ____ ___ ____ __ chez __ mère.
  • __ zèbre ____ __ chèvre.
  • Adèle _ ______ ___ clés.


  • Elles viennent de la Grèce.
  • La vipère ne vient pas de la Grèce.
  • J’ai venu de chez mon frère.
  • Je n’ai pas venu de chez ma mère.
  • Le zèbre aime le chèvre.
  • Adèle a oublié les clés.