As pointed out, it also violates their values to ignore customers that complained about their…
Ryder Spearmann

You are too intelligent to think I am “proposing” that a business post a list of things that its customers abide by. I realize this is your way of pivoting away from acknowledging your flawed logic. Your idea of businesses operating from “real-time customer feedback” is also illogical and flawed. Businesses operate and succeed on the notion of standards of service; this is how they cultivate a brand. You walk into a Starbucks, Neiman Marcus, Walmart, Best Buy, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc. and you know what type of service and goods you will receive. Philz advertises that they “exist” for great customer service, “treat all with respect,” and “value individuality” where they “encourage everybody to be themselves.”

You are right. The OP could have just walked off her job when she saw her place of employment acting against its credo, but she chose to speak out. This is called “Whistle-blowing”. And although this is not a huge case along the lines of the tobacco industry, the Pentagon Papers, Deep Throat, Snowden, et al, Ms. Kwon is calling out an employer whom she believes is not acting correctly. You get to believe her or not, but don’t condemn her for exercising her right to speak out about it.

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